Custom Built Hollowbody Signed by Paul Reed Smith


Make: PRS
Condition: Very Good
Year: 1999
Finish: Red Tiger Burst


This 1999 American PRS Hollowbody is an early example of the hollow body guitars that PRS currently makes, and is a superb, professional level guitar. This particular guitar came into our shop locally, and is personally signed by Mr. Smith himself, as well as including a message to the individual that it was signed for.

Aesthetically, this guitar is stunning and in excellent condition. There are no nicks or dings anywhere on the corners or the faces of the body, with the exception of one small ding through the finish on the top front edge of the headstock. The color is vibrant, but there is some slight aging in the clear finish that is common with some of the older PRS guitars, in the form of a slight white “milkiness” mostly on the back, but with one or two slightly noticeable spots on the front. All of the gold hardware is still shiny and new looking, with no signs of rust or discoloration.

Functionally, the guitar is in perfect working condition like it was new. The tuning machines are solid and hold tune, and there is almost no discernable wear on the frets, with plenty of life left in them. The truss rod turns smoothly with plenty of adjustment in either direction, and the bridge is clean and rust free with the saddle and height adjustment screws ready for adjustment. The switch and knobs turn smoothly with no stickiness or scratchiness, and the action is low, fast, and comfortable. This guitar is a featherweight at almost exactly 5 lbs.

The original case is in great shape, and includes all of the original case candy.

Overall, this beautiful PRS Hollowbody is a rare gem, with a signature from Paul himself! This guitar is in great condition, and would be the perfect piece for players and collectors alike! Be sure to grab it before it’s gone.


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