SE Orianthi Signature


Make: PRS
Condition: Used: Very Good
Year: Early 2000’s
Finish: Red Sparkle


The PRS SE Orianthi Red Sparkle is the signature guitar for Orianthi. She has been playing PRS since 1997 when she traded acoustic for electric guitar after seeing Carlos Santana in concert in her native Australia. Less than ten years later, Carlos Santana affirmed, “If I was going to pass the baton to somebody, she would be my first choice.” Orianthi has jammed with and supported such legendary musicians as Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, ZZ Top, and Michael Jackson, more than earning her spot as a guitar great. The Orianthi signature model sports features such as:

  • Korina back with a maple cap
  • Wide thin profile with 25″ scale length
  • Ebony 24 fret fingerboard
  • Comes equipped with SE Vintage Bass and SE HFS Treble
  • Instrument weighs in right at about 7.5 lbs.
  • The original tremolo arm is not included

This particular PRS SE Orinthi Signature is used but in great shape for its age. Functionally, the guitar is perfectly. The tuning machines are tight and hold tune properly, and there is practically no wear to be seen on the frets. The action is low and fast, and the truss rod adjusts easily in either direction. The bridge is firmly attached and the switch and knobs move as intended with no stickiness or scratchiness.

Aesthetically, this guitar looks just as good as it feels, with a little bit of wear and tear expected for a guitar of this age. All of the chrome tuning machines are shiny, and there is some minor scratches on the front of the headstock, but no damage through the finish. The back of the neck shows almost no wear, and there are almost no dings on the edges of the guitar, minus one of two hardly discernible dings on the bottom front edge. There is no discoloration from age in the red sparkle, and there is some minor to moderate buckle rash on the back of the body, but no damage through the finish. The pickup covers are slightly off center from use, but could easily be fixed and don’t affect the way the pickups sound. There is a small, barely noticeable crack in the fingerboard at the 12th fret, but would be easy for a professional luthier to fill and blend.

Overall, this guitar has been well loved and would make an awesome work horse guitar for someone looking to add some flare to their collection.


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