Plethora X5 Toneprint Pedal Board


Make: TC Electronic
Condition: Brand New
Year: 2019



Want access to TC Electronic’s entire TonePrint library? The PLETHORA X5 gives it to you, plus a whole lot more, in a stereo multi-effects pedal that’s jam-packed with player-friendly features. The PLETHORA X5 stores a lot — a lot — of effects under its streamlined, easy-to-use layout. Not only do you get five effects slots, with up to 75 TonePrints in each slot, but you can also store up to 127 custom pedalboards using any combination of effects. MASH footswitches supply real-time expressive control over your effects, while an expression input enables you to take command of any effect or add a volume pedal anywhere in your signal chain. Beyond that, an effects loop with customizable routing allows you to integrate external stompboxes or connect to your amp using 4-cable method. The PLETHORA X5 includes all the essential features you demand, such as a tuner, noise gate, cab sim, tap tempo, and MIDI connectivity. Complete with TonePrint App editor compatibility and Bluetooth connectivity, the TC Electronic PLETHORA X5 belongs at the heart of your guitar rig.

The box and accessories are all included.

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